9 Fine Restaurants of Dominican Republic: Marina Caribe Pick’s

Wondering where you should be eating while in the Dominican Republic? Check our restaurant suggestions for a perfect meal!

Sometimes when traveling, it’s a little bit rough for some people to find out about the best restaurants of the area to taste a typical dish or any other really good dish… For this reason, we have decided to create this listing for you, with the most delicious options of Dominican Republic to please your palate.

So, in order to please your palate with the most delicious options of Dominican Republic, we have decided to create this listing of The Best Restaurants in the Dominican Republic for you.
It is true that we do count with a very wide range of restaurants in this island, but the ones we will be introducing you to below, definitely are a MUST for a traveler like you; either because of its unique and peculiar location, its beautiful decoration, the tasty flavor of its dishes or the exact representation of the Dominican culture in its seasoning.

Jalao, Santo Domingo

Besides being able to taste not only the typical dishes of the Dominican Republic, such as tostones with fried chicken, a delicious Bandera (official dish of RD composed of white rice, red beans, beef, green salad and maybe a few pieces of avocado) and a refreshing coconut water, you can enjoy their unique and peculiar decoration that perfectly represents the Dominican culture, mixed with a touch of modernity: yunyun carts, carnival colors and constant live music shows.

All this, right in the heart of the Dominican history: the Colonial Zone.

El Conuco, Santo Domingo

Discover one of the most delicious mofongos of the whole Republic. This typical dish, influenced by our African ancestors, is made of a smooth green banana puree with bits of chicharrón (fried pork or chicken) and a touch of garlic butter, sometimes topped with grilled cheese…

You can also have some fun with the typical folkloric dance show and admire the beauty of the costumes of the dancers, who roll with their beautiful red, white and blue skirts, taken from the hands of gentlemen that will lead them to the rhythm of the Dominican drums.

Adrián Tropical, Santo Domingo

You cannot miss devouring a meal in the typical Adrian Tropical, icon of Dominican cuisine in Santo Domingo! We will recommend you to visit the location of El Malecón, adding to your experience, the best views of the Caribbean Sea from the city.

Your MUST dish in this typical location will be the sancocho, broth that mixes sweet rolls of maize, bits of green banana, cassava and auyama with chicken and carnitas of beef and pork … Avocado as well? Order your service of avocado and white rice to taste this heaven’s delight.

Mesón de La Cava, Santo Domingo

If you are looking for a unique location to enjoy a great classic dinner, you must give a try to El Mesón de la Cava, an international cuisine restaurant that opened its doors in 1967. This classic of the Dominican cuisine, lies in the depths of a natural limestone cavern, created millions of years ago, serving as a refuge for different characters in history such as Taino Indians, colonizers, buccaneers, pirates, gavilleros and American soldiers.

Illuminated with dim lights and decorated with its glamorous tablecloths and impeccable service, your night will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Aroma de la Montaña, Jarabacoa

Among the greenery of the town of Jarabacoa, find the first restaurant with rotating floor (360 degrees) of the Caribbean. Enjoy the best views from the top of the mountain and taste their international dishes that go from the delicious wild seafood of our waters to fresh salads, delicious pastas and tender meats.

La Casita, La Romana

Asleep in the center of the city, this location will make you feel like at your own house! La Casita is like a spectacular mix of the Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine brought to your table.

In this colorful location, decorated with plates and souvenirs from different parts of the world, find the most delicious dishes and impeccable service in the area of ​​La Romana.

La Yola, Punta Cana

With its unique boat-shaped design and exquisite seafood dishes, this 3-diamond AAA restaurant, located in front of the Cap Cana beach, is undoubtedly one of the favorites of the east.

As part of the Punta Cana complex, it is expected that the quality of service, infrastructure and cuisine always surpass our expectations.

Lorenzillo’s, Punta Cana

If you are a fan of lobsters, get ready to taste the most delicious ones of Punta Cana! In Lorenzillo’s, a nautical themed restaurant, you will spend a wonderful night while enjoying the best views: composed by a small private lake, illuminated by the light of the moon.

It is important to know that Lorenzillo (which can also be found in Mexico) has its own lobster farm, with pure sea water, to ensure maximum quality of their star dish.

El Cabito, Samaná

Perched on the cliffs in front of Cabrón Cape, overlooking the spectacular Rincón Bay, El Cabito is a unique venue where nature speaks for itself, making you feel a natural radiation of energy. Enjoy this place of tranquility and serenity.

Unwind from a hectic lifestyle and reconnect with nature. El Cabito is the perfect place to set aside the daily routine and create endless memories ranging from fun cocktails, romantic dinners and special events in a spectacular location that will serve you the freshest and most delicious dishes in the Caribbean.